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SuperHero Combo Double Catch Discs

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Regular Price: $27.95

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Catch Discs

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Regular Price: $27.95

Special Price: $23.95


The Double Disc Catch Combo consists of 2 practically indestructible Hero discs made by Innova -

Although Double Disc Catch and, for that matter, Triple Disc Catch, can be played with any combination of catch discs, and believe me we`ve tried them all, these discs are revolutionary for several reasons.

  1. Supreme durability of the plastic ensures you`ll be throwing Double Disc Catch until you loose them.  These discs are as durable as anything on the market, using Innova Champion and Star plastic.
  2. High Performance design allows them to be thrown with a significant amount of torque.  This, in turn, allows them to be thrown further than other catch discs, and way further than other catch discs in this weight range(109-137 grams).
  3. Innovative design with Sharp-edged flight "contours", which act to severely reduce turbulence, resulting in one the smoothest flying catch discs you`ve ever tried.
  4. These discs fly amazingly well in tandem, with a slight differential in speed that allows the catcher time to pick and choice between the "pecking" order and do otherwise impossible tricks.

For Double Disc Catch this all proves invaluable because, with practice, the consistency and accuracy inherent in these discs will enable you to do amazing tricks and catches at distances ranging from 50-250 feet in just about any kind of wind conditions.  As a matter of fact, the windier, the more fun you`ll have as the discs start to do some unusual and unexpected things and you learn how to make incredible leaping and diving saves!

What does this have to do with Disc Golf?

As Disc Golfers, Double Disc Catch has become one of our favorite pastimes here at the Clearwater Disc Golf Store because it`s a team sport that provides all the benefits of an incredibly fun, competitive, cardiovascular workout.  In addition, it can greatly enhance your finesse game in disc golf and your understanding of how a disc is affected by the wind.  And its a great way to warm up before a round.

But the #1 reason for playing Double Disc Catch is it`s amazingly fun and addictive. As a matter of fact, most people won`t quit until they are completely exhausted.  So, initially, we recommend a 1 hour time limit.  Otherwise you`ll be pretty sore the next day.

Just 1 hour a day for 6 weeks will improve your physical conditioning immensely.  As a matter of fact this is the third phase of our Disc Golf Fiitness Routine.  Its primary purpose is to get players in shape and learning good technique before they hit the course.  For the  purposes of stamina, hand/eye coordination, proper flow and follow through, Double Disc Catch is hard to beat.  It will achieve, in a short time, what will take many hours a day on the course, in regards to pure physical conditioning.  And thus will give you a nice leg up on the competition, which spends all its free time on the course, mostly socializing.

I addition, several of our Team Players have lost 20+ .lbs gearing up for the tour with Doube Disc Catch!

How to do it!

The concept of Double Disc Catch is very simple.  Take the SuperSonic and place it inside the SuperHero back-to-back and let `em fly.  Start out standing 50-70 feet apart until you learn some control and catching ability.  There are a few tricks to getting them to fly right:

  • Give a nice smooth, medium snap.  Too hard and centriugal force will keep the discs from splitting apart.  Too soft and they will split prematurely and too far to catch.
  • If wind is a factor, adjust the throwers positions so they both have a crosswind.  A headwind is nice for throwing, but a tailwind will make it hard on both the thrower and the catcher.
  • The best throwers can find a way to deal with the tailwind best, so if you have to put someone downwind, use the thrower with the most experience.
  • Throwing the discs with the nose slightly up and a slow armspeed will make the discs easiest to catch.  The object is to make the shot stall near the catcher.  This will make catches easier and even allow time for tricks.
  • Downwind shots usually come in pretty hot no matter what you do so downwind catchers need to be aware of this.
  • Experiment by moving farther apart once you get good at it.  But when you start spraying them all over the place you`ve gone too far.  Move back in.
  • Remember, you and your partner are a team so encourage better shots and praise great catches.  Your not competing against each other.  You`re competing against other teams.
  • When you get real good try some tips and kicks, or under-the-leg or behind-the-back catches.  Get creative and invent your own crazy tricks.

Click Here For a Double Disc Catch Video Demo

High-Flying, Action-Packed Double Disc Catch - The Game

The following is our rough draft, preliminary rules to Double Disc Catch.

Played in 2-player teams, the object of Double Disc Catch is to beat your own high score or compete head-to-head with other 2-player teams.

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