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Starter Set 5 Discs Hand Selected

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Here we are offering 5 Discs to get you started.

These discs are selected specifically to compliment beginners with straighter flights.

The DX line of plastic is choosen over the rest because of many reasons including low cost, best grip, and the fact that it breaks in quickly which is what gives discs performance.

We are going to make sure you get five different colored discs so you can quickly select the correct disc for the job.

We are going to select medium to low weights for you that work best for beginners allowing them to snap the disc and create spin and glide. Remember when you throw to penetrate forward!

The five discs you recieve are going to be HAND PICKED by a Professional Disc Golfer with a Four Digit PDGA Number. Hey, if Ken Climo (12x World Champion) is in the house, he may grab the best five for you!

Here is a quick description of the discs we are featuring for this Starter Set:

Sidewinder-Ultra Long Range High Tech Wide Wing Driver that is a bit understable for straighter flights with Super Fast Speed. Flies fairly straight and acquires a great glide after being broken in eventually turning the corner to the right late in the flight.

TeeBird-Long Range Accurate Control Driver that is a bit overstable and extremely accurate, Ken Climo (5x USDGC Champion) attributes winning the $17,000 at the USDGC with this disc. Goes straight as an arrow after being broken in but has a slow curve to the left for right hand back hand players out of the box. To reverse the curve, throw sidearm and reverse the spin on the disc...

Stingray-Midrange Driver for long accurate upshots or short wooded holes. This disc goes super straight right out of the box and becomes your favorite turnover disc after being broken in. When it gets super broken in it is one of the best roller discs for the touch roller that is extremely accurate.The Stingray will be your go to disc with super accuracy.

XD-Extra Distance Putter for short accurate approach shots and long sticky putts. This disc is a low profile putter that does not slide and sticks to the ground where it lands. Because of the low profile it flies a bit further than a regular aviar putter and requires less ceiling height that the putter. Very sticky so pick a spot to hit and hit that spot. This disc is the one to use when you only want to fly in a straight line. Do not try to curve it, fly it straight. It will fade a bit after being broken in, but with a little hyzer angle of realease will flip up to flat and fly super straight. Trust it, it works!

Aviar-Very Short Accurate Shots and Extremely Accurate Putter. This disc is the number one selling disc on the planet. Widely used by top professional disc golfers everywhere. Most pros carry two or more at different life spans. A new one that will have some stability and curve a little left, one that is broken in and dies on a straight line and one that is super broken in that willl give a little fade to the right.

Grab this set at a super low price and get your friends involved. They will think you are a Hero.

Hey, if it is just for you, perfect. You have found the perfect set to get you going and join the ranks of thousands of disc golfers that are taking advantage of the low-cost, mostly free facilities all around the globe. What a great thing it is to have finally found fun and free. A great way to enjoy places in the park that you would not normally go. Bring a camera, you will get a Kodak moment every round!

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Manufacturer Innova

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