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Star Valkyrie

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MSRP: $18.99

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Regular Price: $17.95

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Regular Price: $17.95

Special Price: $15.95

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Long Range Drivers

Quick Overview

  • Easy to Control Straight Flying Distance Driver

  • Premium Star Plastic for Extra Durability

  • Great disc for all skill levels

  • Former World Distance Record Holder at 620'

Star Valkyrie - Purple

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  • Star Valkyrie - Purple
  • Star Valkyrie - Blue
  • Star Valkyrie - Green
  • Star Valkyrie - Pink
  • Star Valkyrie - Red
  • Star Valkyrie - Orange
  • Star Valkyrie - Yellow

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Regular Price: $17.95

Special Price: $15.95


The Valkyrie is famous for easily controlled distance shots at a variety of angles of release. Throw it with some hyzer and she`ll finish with some hyzer. Throw it flat and she`ll finish flat. Throw it with anhyzer and she`ll hold it for a while and fight its way back to straight at the end. By far, it`s most effective at gliding super straight down the fairway with a slight hyzer at the end - not really enough to effect anything. Great for players with average to above average snap in the heavy weights, while working the same way in the lower weights for players with lower snap and slower arm speed. This another Editor`s Top Pick in the long range driver category. Many players who use the Valkyrie find that they end up using it for a very high percentage of their drives. The Star version feels great in the hand and, in our opinion, is at least as good as and probably even better than the Champion version.

Full range of colors available. 150-175 grams.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Innova
Plastic Star
Speed 9
Glide 4
Turn -2
Fade 2
Production Status Current

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Customer Reviews

Trevor smith Review by Trevor smith
Product Rating
My biggest problem with this disc is that I have two of them. Really, if I only had one Valkyrie, I would be a happy man, I would know that the disc did and when it would do it. I have two identical Valks (170, yellow, red stamp, same store) and they fly completely different. I had to mark each one with what it will do. One turns like hell, the other fades like no one's business. Really annoying if you are just looking for two slightly understable drivers to round out your bag. (Posted on 4/11/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
Great disc, its really great for long turnover shots. For me it will always keep a nice easy anhyzer and start to come back at the end to make for more glid. (Posted on 12/13/11)
Allyn Dady Review by Allyn Dady
Product Rating
For all the discs that zig this way and zag that way, sometimes you need to simplify and pitch plastic that just flies straight, dammit! This is that disc. Very easy to control. Plenty of distance for lesser arm speed. Nice hyzer flipper when you put the pop into it. The more I throw this disc the more I like it.The Pro Valks are nice, but these will fly a bit farther. Don't go too light with these. Get a solid heavy weight that you can rip through. (Posted on 8/17/11)
Rusty Weber Review by Rusty Weber
Product Rating
This disc is a must have. I enjoy it so much that i spent 30 minutes in a water hazard finding it after a throw got away from me. Great for any level of player. (Posted on 4/30/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
Combines the extra distance of dx with the durability of champion, the star version of the valkyrie is a winner. Great extra long distance disc. If youre tired of buying new dx valkyries all the time, invest in the star version. (Posted on 3/23/11)
Sam Hoertt Review by Sam Hoertt
Product Rating
This is a great disc it flies straight good acurate throws and great feel its very gummy (Posted on 3/21/11)
Justin Rodman Review by Justin Rodman
Product Rating
This disc is great i love it. It goes far and stays straight. Sometimes i even use it for putting. (Posted on 3/8/11)
Tyler Hamrick Review by Tyler Hamrick
Product Rating
This is my all time favorite disc. Very dependable. I use it for 75% of my shots off the tee. This is a must have for any disc golfer. It takes just a few practice throws to understand how it will curve, but once you get it you will be very accurate in your throws. For me, this disc goes very fast when released with rhbh and will start to curve left and be placed just where i need it to. (basically aim a little right and you will be fine) You will not be disappointed in this disc. MUST BUY FOR ANY BEGINNER! (Posted on 1/7/11)
Nathan Scholl Review by Nathan Scholl
Product Rating
Not quite sure how Mr. Sandstrom set a world distance record with it, but one heck of a driver nevertheless. Glides and hyzers beautifully, and can achieve significant distance. It is also said to make a decent roller. (Posted on 11/23/10)
Scott Bates Review by Scott Bates
Product Rating
If you've played disc golf more than a handful of times, you've heard of the Valkyrie. I own a couple in DX, Pro, Champ, and Star plastic. Got the first one as a 150g Champ when I started playing. I still throw it from time to time, but due to the weight, after throwing the heavier ones, it is kinda hard to transition to it, and it gets thrown less and less, unless it's almost perfectly calm and I remember not to over-torque it. Anyway, the Star Plastic is my favorite plastic for this disc. It's grippier than the Champ while still being extremely durable. I think it's a great disc for beginners as well as people who've been playing longer. If chosen in the right weight for your current ability in your disc golf journey, you cannot go wrong with this disc. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Sam Parkinson Review by Sam Parkinson
Product Rating
This is the best driver out there for anyone getting started in disc golf. This disc consistently gives me more distance than any other backhand and forehand. Its a disc that will tend to fly long and straight with little compensation coming out of the hand. Its great for those with lesser power and is very accurate. Allow the star plastic to break in a little and you're good to go! (Posted on 8/14/10)
Jeremy Reynolds Review by Jeremy Reynolds
Product Rating
The Star Valkyrie is definitely one of the best long distance discs available from INNOVA. This disc is a must-have for any disc golfer's bag. The second disc that was added to my bad in my beginner years and definitely acquired the longest distance of any disc I own. Whether you roll this disc or not, you will be satisfied with the results! (Posted on 12/27/09)

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