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Avery Jenkins Star Destroyer

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SKU: 733
Ultra Long Range Drivers

Quick Overview

  • Durable and Flexible

  • Slow Break in Period

  • Long Hyzer shot disc

  • Not for beggingers

Star Destroyer - Yellow

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  • Star Destroyer - Pink
  • Star Destroyer - Green
  • Star Destroyer - Orange
  • Star Destroyer - Blue
  • Star Destroyer - Yellow
  • Star Destroyer - Red


Our Best-Selling Disc for online sales, the Star Destroyer lives up to its reputation as an extremely fast, overstable driver that works well for all methods of throwing from backhand to forehand to tomahawk. The plastic is semi-soft with a super grippy top-plate that`s awesome for sinking your thumb into and letting it rip hard and fast.  Couple that with it`s truly amazing speed and you may get some of your longest drives ever.

Though the Destroyer is considered a fairly overstable driver, the stability can vary a good amount depending on the dome and the plastic.  DX tend to be a little less stable while the Champions are more stable.

The less stable ones tend to be flatter and have a softer top plate. They are a tad less stable than the most stable Wraith`s, which are the Champion CFR`s and the Pro-Lines that had a lot of Star plastic in them. This coupled with their incredible speed makes this a fantasic backhand driver for those with the snap to throw any high-tech disc.

The higher domed Destroyers tend to be a bit more stable but have a bit more glide to them.  I say "tend to be" because there are exceptions to this rule.  Sometimes flat ones can be extremely overstable and domey ones not as stable, but these are fairly rare.

This thing will handle a pretty good amount of torque even when kept very low to the ground, flying straight for about 80% of its flight, then hooking at the end while still moving quickly forward. It will get more distance than you`d expect, considering it doesn`t spend much time finishing out it`s flight. Thrown with a good anhyzer, it will spend a bit more time coming out of it`s flight. And the resulting added distance will be substantial.

Weights: 165-175 grams.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Innova
Plastic Star

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Customer Reviews

GO to Disc Review by Jo
Product Rating
I love this disc seriously a great choice I was advised by a friend when i was just starting out to try this disc and while it took me a little bit to master it, I would not be without it today :D (Posted on 2/25/14)
Ed Rose Review by Ed Rose
Product Rating
I found one of these on the course about a year ago and is my all around distance drivers. If you like them heavy, it will be a great over stable disc with more control than a Ape. If you want a light controllable driver, the blizzard would be a logic choice. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Fantastic maximum distance driver. The star plastic is nice and grippy so you can dig in and let it rip. If thrown hard enough with enough snap it will have a bit of turn, come back and continue with forward fade. Very versatile. (Posted on 9/19/12)
Jennifer Cartwright Review by Jennifer Cartwright
Product Rating
Great overstable disc. Mine has gotten more wore in the more I have used it and I love it more and more. I use it for high headwind shots and it flies with a nice s-curve. I also use it for strong hyzer shots and overhand. Everyone needs a star destroyer. You will find some way to love this disc. (Posted on 8/27/12)
Chris Lippert Review by Chris Lippert
Product Rating
If you don't have a star destroyer, then you are wasting space in your bag. These Avery Jenkins ones are a bit more stable than the old star destroyers. Its a great disc for backhand, forehand, and overhand. Get one worked in well and it will fly perfectly straight for long distances. (Posted on 8/6/12)
Steven Strayer Review by Steven Strayer
Product Rating
Love this disc! I use it mainly for throwing sidearms. It has a strong fade, but you have a good snap when you release, it will sail forever. Also great for huge overhand throws. (Posted on 6/14/12)
Devin McGuire Review by Devin McGuire
Product Rating
found one of these on a course and i like it but dont use it very much. (Posted on 5/1/12)
Benjamin Pike Review by Benjamin Pike
Product Rating
This is truly one of my favorite distance drivers. You can throw it as hard as you want and it always seems to come back after the old anheizer. Really nice disc once you break it in. Incredible distance driving capabilities. Highly recommended. (Posted on 2/18/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
amazing disc (Posted on 1/20/12)
Sam Hoertt Review by Sam Hoertt
Product Rating
this is a great disc . it goes very strait while sturdy for consistent throws. this is one of my favorite disc. (Posted on 11/8/11)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
Terrific disc...if you have a huge arm. It is extremely stable and very fast. I can FH this disc over 400 feet without overpowering it. However if you are a beginner I WOULD NOT recommend this disc. It is a much more advanced disc. However if you are progressing and becoming a more advanced player and overpowering many of your current lower speed drivers you should absolutely get a star destroyer. Review:Great FH or BH discVery stableIf you overpower your disc get a star destroyer! (Posted on 9/24/11)
Trevor McDougal Review by Trevor McDougal
Product Rating
This disc is really good, however you need a big arm. If you do not have the power to put behind it then you will fade super quick and the disc will not come out straight/ flat. This disc is more for advanced players then beginners. It is super fast once you get the hang of it. (Posted on 3/7/11)
jake hoertt Review by jake hoertt
Product Rating
Super great disc. My longest driver. Can handle as much power as i put behind my throw. Ultimate disc for power players. A disc you need for long courses. (Posted on 3/7/11)
Austin Buttrill Review by Austin Buttrill
Product Rating
definitely my favorite disc. it flies very accurate and goes extremely fast. i love this disc and will definitely keep one in my bag. (Posted on 1/25/11)
Matt Marlow Review by Matt Marlow
Product Rating
great disc. Flies great and very far. It is my favorite long distance driver and cuts hard at the end. It is perfect for almost all holes. (Posted on 1/23/11)
Trevor smith Review by Trevor smith
Product Rating
This disc is a tough disc to categorize. With all of the great reviews from great players, I felt I needed one to boost my game. I went and picked up a 169 from the local disc store and realized that it was a domey, massive, beast of a disc. I took it out that day and realized that it is far from beginner friendly. Sure it is a high speed disc, but so is the Katana and I can throw that disc. This disc goes 190' and falls like a ship from heaven. Sure, this has it's uses. It has become an awesome approach skip and spike disc. With a hard forehand I can get it to go a touch farther, but not by very much. Sure, great disc for seasoned throwers, but not new guys. If you have already picked on up and are crushed by the fact that it won't go far for you, put it into the midrange pocket and keep going. Everyone needs a Star Destroyer at their disposal. (Posted on 8/30/10)
Mike Inscho Review by Mike Inscho
Product Rating
My go to distance driver in my bag. You can't beat a mid to high 160's weight. I can feel confident throwing this disc in a headwind and have it perform like any other drive. The Star Destroyer just gets better with age. (Posted on 8/20/10)
Peter Burdack Review by Peter Burdack
Product Rating
I'm a RHFH thrower and I throw this disc about 25 ft further than my star wraith. It acts just like a Wraith for me but has that little extra distance. (Posted on 8/20/10)
Michael Myers Review by Michael Myers
Product Rating
Very fast and stable disc. I love this disc into a head wind, but it hasn't eclipsed my wraith as my primary driver. It truly takes a lot of snap and arm speed to really get distance out of this thing so make sure you've got a big arm. I only use this disc on open fields because I can only find the breaking point of the disc about 20% of the time. The other 80% I end up putting it way left (I'm RHBH) of the given target and into the woods. However, in a headwind, I'll grab this disc or if I need a flex shot. My buddy did find a beat star destroyer and that thing is amazing. It flies similar to a brand new star wraith as a beat in disc. Love this disc for specific head wind shots. (Posted on 8/13/10)
Caleb Radjeski Review by Caleb Radjeski
Product Rating
OMG I love this disc! Any one that plays disc golf has to get one of these amazing discs!!! =) (Posted on 7/16/10)
Robert Utterback Review by Robert Utterback
Product Rating
My favorite driver. At 172 grams this disc is great at everything power, headwind or tailwind. This is my newest driver and it has quickly become my favorite. I trust this disc to fly straight with about 30 feet of left fade as it falls. More or less if I throw too high or too low. I can't wait for this to beat in and become a great glider for even more distance. (Posted on 5/29/10)
Lynne Street Review by Lynne Street
Product Rating
This is the go to disc in my bag for the most distance. I threw backhand for over ten years, but hurt my arm and now I throw sidearm. The star destroyer is by far the disc you need! (Posted on 4/18/10)
Joe Gagliardo Review by Joe Gagliardo
Product Rating
This disc is truly amazing. Incredibly fast and far flying with decent stability. The flatter ones will turn a little early in the flight and produce a lot of glide, while the domey ones are a bit more stable - perfect for into the wind and for long, far-flying hyzer shots. I like to throw a red 170 grammer on a nice anhyzer line - nothing will fly as far. (Posted on 12/27/09)

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