• You`ll never have to guess how much shipping might cost.


    • Handling is always FREE!


    • All orders over $45 ship absolutely FREE!


  • Flat-Rate Shipping on orders of $45.00 or less - $4.95!

*in the continental U.S.A.



Operators are standing by ready to answer your questions. Ours are the friendliest and most knowledgable in the business. Give us a try to find out!

    • Most packages ship Priority Mail or Federal Express!


    • Larger packages usually ship United Parcel Service!


    • Most packages arrive in the U.S. in 1-5 business days!


  • Orders before 3:00 PM Eastern Time get "Same-Day Shipping" on in-stock items!

  • Orders after 3:00 PM ship the next morning!
  • Orders after 12:00 PM on Saturday as well as on Sunday ship Monday morning!
  • Special orders may delay shipping in certain circumstances, but we will always make attempts to contact you via phone or email if this is the case.
  • Keep an eye on your email for a day or two for further information regarding your order. Otherwise, your order will be arriving promptly.



We ensure your order is accurate and back it up with a No-Hassle Guarantee! We specialize in tracking down products to your exact specifications, which you can list in the comment box upon checkout.

    • We get you exactly the models you want, or contact you to get you the closest alternatives.


    • We carry the largest retail inventory in the world, in stock, at our headquarters!


    • Our expert shoppers will peruse our inventory for you in real-time, right over our Toll-Free Hotline!


  • All of our products are carried, on location and in stock, unless otherwise noted.
  • You get exactly what you ordered or we`ll reship the right items free! No questions. No hassles. Guaranteed!
  • Special orders may delay shipping in certain circumstances, but we will always make attempts to contact you via phone or email if this is the case.


Did You Know?

90% of the disc golf websites on the internet stock little or no product of their own. When you place an order, they must place your order with someone else(a middle man), who must place your order through the manufacturer, unless the middle man has it in stock - a 50-50 chance. That means it could be 2 weeks or more before your order even ships. Even longer if you order items from more than one manufacturer. Then it could take 4-6 weeks to travel back down the chain of command.

Ever had this happen? We hear about it all the time. Sometimes if they don`t have what you want they`ll ship you whatever they have left. Why? Because the middle-man has no connection to you and no sense of commitment to you. We, on the other hand, are committed to getting your order right, because our survival and our success depends on YOUR satisfaction and willingness to order again, and tell your friends about the greatest place in the world to buy your discs.

All of our production models are in stock and ready to ship when you order them. Your order ships direct from our headquarters.

The only execption to this is disc golf baskets, which are drop-shipped to avoid double shipping, and helps keep our prices low.

If we don`t have what you want we`ll get it for you or we won`t charge you. We`ll never substitute items or intentionally ship items you didn`t order.

If you recieve an item you believe to be in error call right away toll-free 888-445-2810, while the item is still new and in unused condition.



Yes, we ship around the world, from Finland to the South Pole, from Alaska to New Zealand and almost anywhere in between! But there are certain restrictions and qualifications.

  • Most packages arrive at the destination 6-10 business days after your order has been shipped.
  • We ship to any country in the world that has an open trade relationship with the U.S. This includes most countries that are members of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.).
  • If you are unsure whether your country will accept recreational items from the U.S. send us an email and we will research it for you.
  • Actual shipping charges will apply to all orders of $45 or less.
  • Orders over $45 will recieve a $4.95 credit toward the shipping charge. Example: If shipping is $20, your cost will be $15.05.
  • Typical cost for International Shipping: $10-40. Actual cost may vary. Email us for a quote.
  • Shipping to Hawaii and Canada is usually less.
  • WE WILL CONTACT YOU VIA EMAIL after your order to verify your shipping charge and confirm everything with you BEFORE we charge or ship your order. You must confirm to verify your shipping details unless you note "SHIP IMMEDIATELY" in the comment box when you check out.
  • As the buyer, you are responsible for all custom duties and clearance in your country. Customs duties vary from 5% to 40% and in most cases will be due when the package arrives. Although very rare, occassionally a package may get held up in Customs for closer inspection or other unknown reasons. When this happens we can only investigate as far as the U.S. Postal Service has jurisdiction. If this happens it can take a few weeks to track the package down and by then it usually has arrived. You may be able to speed this process up or prevent this by checking your national procedures on the shipping and import of recreational goods to your country from the U.S.


"We Would Like to Welcome" our International Customers. We are happy to be of service to you in any way we can.

Thanks for Visiting!


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