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Quest Ultralight Raging Inferno DT

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MSRP: $17.99

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Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $7.95

Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $7.95

SKU: 431
150 Stable Drivers
130 Gram Discs
49, 50

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Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $7.95


Dimples on the bottom to reduce air friction. Ultra light for maximum glide. Give this one a rip and watch the fun. Makes people say "Holy Cow". Ultralight discs are made with 100% recycled Nike Shoe plastic. Weights typically range from 125-145 grams.Ultralight discs are made with 100% recycled Nike Shoe plastic. Weights typically range from 125-145 grams.

150 gram discs are designed to do exactly what their heavier weight cousins of the same name do, for someone who has less snap and less armspeed than an experienced player in their prime. In other words, if you meet a pro on the course who throws a 175 gram Wraith 400 feet in a relatively straight line with a little hyzer at the end but you know you have neither the experience or torque to do the same, you could safely assume that you might be able to throw a 145 gram Wraith in roughly the same manner and perhaps get 75% of the distance of the pro(300Ft.) depending on how much torque you actually do have.

Another way to look at it is if you are underpowering your shots - not getting enough speed and torque on them to keep them from hyzering out prematurely - than it will probably benifit you to lower the weights you`re throwing substantially. The fact is, with less weight in your hand to propel forward, the faster your arm will complete it`s stroke and the faster the disc will be traveling when it leaves your hand.

The disadvantage to lighter discs is that they can be a bit squirrelly and unpredictable when the wind starts to kick up. They are certainly more likely to fail when overthrown. But don`t let this stop you from trying them. For many players, these are the key to being able to do what the big boys do.

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Manufacturer Quest Advanced Technology

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Customer Reviews

Connor Scholl Review by Connor Scholl
Product Rating
I am a player whose not so strong, but this disc does the job! This disc is perfect for beginners, like myself. It goes where you want it to, and curves to the right at the end. i highly recommend this disc fo beiginners, or not so strong players. (Posted on 3/27/11)
Nathan Scholl Review by Nathan Scholl
Product Rating
I bought this disc for a younger player who doesn't have a strong arm, and it does its job quite well. A good driver choice for weaker or beginning players, since it requires very little speed to sail a good distance. Beware of wind, however, as this disc is very light and can be blown into a neighboring county by a strong gust. (Posted on 11/23/10)
Brian Matthews Review by Brian Matthews
Product Rating
This disc, when you throw it right, will do what it advertises! It responds very well to snap, and sometimes that's all you need to get this disc to give you some interesting distance. It loves to stay in the air, but requires a carefully-controlled throw to get this advantage. Low-power throwers should consider this disc, but be prepared to learn how it likes to be thrown. (Posted on 12/14/07)

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