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Pro Destroyer

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MSRP: $12.99

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95

Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95

SKU: 1561
Ultra Long Range Drivers

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95


It`s here! What many anticipate will be the farthest flying disc to date is finally available in legendary Pro plastic.

The Destroyer in Pro plastic may prove to be just what the huddled masses need in a Destroyer - a version that will break in quicker, producing more turn and glide, which may be enough for it to edge out the more stable Champion and Star versions that are best suited to power players.

Some tend to be stiffer and domier which makes them perhaps more stable than the Star initially.

Others have softer top-plate with not as much dome. But it won`t take long to beat them in because of the importance of aerodynamics on super high-tech discs like these.

Small imperfections will quickly reduce the stability.

With this in mind, the best use for this disc will be for maximum distance on long open holes, where contact with trees is minimal.

If you want a Destroyer for more wooded courses, the Star plastic will be more suited to the rigors of bouncing off trees.

167-175 grams.

Speed 12!

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Manufacturer Innova

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Customer Reviews

Matthew Cavazos Review by Matthew Cavazos
Product Rating
For me, it is my go to and most predictable driver. Love the grippy feel of the Pro Plastic! (Posted on 1/31/13)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Probably the farthest flying Destroyer out there. Fantastic glide, and flies even farther once it starts to get beat in. Pretty much a faster, longer and slightly more stable Pro Wraith. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Kevin Garner Review by Kevin Garner
Product Rating
Pro Destroyers are great discs to have cycled through your bag. They start out nicely stable, eventually beat into a super long-range bomber and end their life as huge anhyzer monsters. When new I use them for forehand distance and backhand overstable duties. They will turn somewhat into a headwind, so as long as the wind is not crazy you can depend on them to perform as advertised. (Posted on 6/14/12)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
Pro destroyers are great sidearm discs. I love how far they fly almost effortlessly. The pro plastic feels closer to star than dx, which is surprising. Very durable as well as far as pro plastic is concerned. If you want something better than a dx, but want to save a few bucks from the star, get the pro. Its a quality product. (Posted on 3/22/11)
Matthew Pierson Review by Matthew Pierson
Product Rating
Had never thrown one of these until finding one at park couple months ago. Called the number on back, but was disconnected. So been throwing it and I love it. Great distance driver that I can anhyzer, hyzer, and S shape with. Try this disc out. (Posted on 10/20/10)
Curtis Campbell Review by Curtis Campbell
Product Rating
Like the name implies, this disc is pretty devastating...flies far and consistently. The arc is similar to a champion orc. I've birdied many a hole with this disc. Opt for the star plastic for a bit more flexibility and durability. (Posted on 8/14/10)
Harry shimp Review by Harry shimp
Product Rating
Although my Teebird does alright, the Destroyer is the only disc I feel comfortable throwing into a headwind. As a matter of fact, it almost seems to FEED on headwinds, and go faster and farther. I prefer Star Plastic for my discs, but NOT with this one. The Pro Destroyer is the exception. It feels better IN the hand, and flies better when OUT of the hand, IMHO. I throw it forehand, and find with a dropped wing upon release, you can thread a needle with it straight down the pipe, with a predictable sweeping cut/fade at the end. This disc allowed my game to finally have some distance off the tee, while still maintaing accuracy. (Posted on 4/18/10)
Jake McDonald Review by Jake McDonald
Product Rating
This is my first in depth experience with Pro plastic, as I've always preferred the more grippy DX and Champion plastics. Right out of the envelope it was shipped in, I was a little worried about how slick the disc would feel in my hand, as this had been my issue with Pro plastic in the past. Though it still wasn't as grippy as DX, it wasn't nearly as slick as I was expecting. Fairly grippy, even.Regarding distance off the tee, this will get the job done. You'll definately need some power behind this disc, because a noodlearm just won't do it justice. I find that it holds a solid line, has plenty of glide, and gets where it's going in a hurry. Certainly a staple in a seasoned golfer's bag, but something a beginner should consider working up to. The Pro Destroyer is one of the few discs I can chuck 400'+, and I presume that it will only progress as I break it in. Serious speed, plenty of glide, and max distance put this disc in my bag for good. I seriously recommend giving it a try. Much props to CDGS for sending this one my way! (Posted on 3/21/10)
Mike Solt Review by Mike Solt
Product Rating
I've been a big fan of Destroyers since their inception. The star plastic is a nice medium between the DX & Champ. I'm reviewing as a Right Handed Backhand Player(RHBH).The beauty of this disc is its predictability when new and its extra distance when seasoned. The disc requires ~ 325-350 power to get its true flight. You can get away with ~300 ft once seasoned but using these discs are great when cycling the plastic. Once the newer disc hits flat it cruise with a predictable finish. Once seasoned you can get some left to right action before the predictable finish to the left. This is a great disc. It can handle BH and FH throws effectively. One thing you need to remember that this disc is nose sensitive. If nose up it will hyzer our and if nose down, it will flip and turn into the ground. Overall, this disc is a necessity for most bags unless you have a Gorilla Arm. Then you can jump to the Boss or Katana. (Posted on 3/21/10)

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