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Pro-D Magnet

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MSRP: $9.99

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Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $6.95

Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $6.95

SKU: 112

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Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $6.95


Discraft`s flagship putter of the 90`s is still being made in stiff durable Pro-D plastic.
Very stiff, straight and reliable.
It has been used to win many major tourneys and championships.
For a softer putter that is slightly flexible try the Pro-D Soft Magnet.

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Manufacturer Discraft

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Customer Reviews

Bradley Wilson Review by Bradley Wilson
Product Rating
IMHO, the best putter on the face of the planet. I buy 2 new ones a year and its all I use for a putter. (Posted on 3/5/14)
Tyler Devault Review by Tyler Devault
Product Rating
yeah the magnent is great but only once it gets really beat in. i got one off a friend and its so beat in like soft that i can bend it in half. the magnent also flies really strait which can be a good or bad thing if u dont know how to get a good release on it. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Connor Wilson Review by Connor Wilson
Product Rating
If you are a beginner still learning the basics of putting and approaching the chains, this is a great putter to start with. It is a nice generic putter that flies straight, which is all you can ask for. Once you learn about your individual putting needs and preferences, you might need to switch it up, or you might find this is the perfect putter for you. I personally use this for shots within ten meters when I really believe I can get the disc in the basket. In comparison with the SOFT Magnet, I prefer the standard magnet better because I find it has a smoother release than the Soft Magnet, which often gets stuck on my fingers and wobbles off target. This is my go to putter, and it can be for you too! (Posted on 1/15/14)
Barbara Kelley Review by Barbara Kelley
Product Rating
Overall, an okay putter. It flies straight, and it is great for an approac disc, but it bouns off the chains alot. Also this disc is not very durable. I don't know if i have ever putted into a tree, an i have not had it long, but my magnet is very beat up. (Posted on 11/23/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Discraft's answer to the Aviar. Very straight, reliable putter. The Pro D plastic comes out consistently hard in the regular magnets, so if that's how you like your putters, it should not be hard to find similar ones across various runs. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Wes Babcock Review by Wes Babcock
Product Rating
The magnet is just that. It sticks to the chains. It also stays on the line you throw. It is especially easy to throw anhyzer for approach shots around difficult obstacles. Steady and true inside the circle or on long jump putts. Feels great in the hand. (Posted on 2/18/12)
Nathan Horsley Review by Nathan Horsley
Product Rating
Whenever someone asks for a good first putter, I hand them a Magnet due to how easy it is to get it to hold any line you want. This disc really allows a beginner to get a good feel for putting form without having to worry about it wanting to hyzer or anhyzer on those longer putts. When in more experienced hands, this putter can do some magical things. (Posted on 2/8/12)
Sam Hoertt Review by Sam Hoertt
Product Rating
this disc is a great gamble. it flies straight and very sturdy. works evertime. (Posted on 11/11/11)
Peter Robertson Review by Peter Robertson
Product Rating
I wish I had one of these. My friend Andy let me borrow this for a few putts and it just feels like it IS a magnet. Great disc. (Posted on 1/20/11)
Andy Greenwald Review by Andy Greenwald
Product Rating
I ordered one of these recently and is my current approach disc. I love its slow fade and low speed for those tricky finesse shots. Won't NOT be using one for the rest of my days. (Posted on 1/20/11)
ed kirkpatrick Review by ed kirkpatrick
Product Rating
i have tried many putters. aviar, polecat, arrow, warlock challenger, xd, aero and gumbutt. i keep coming back to my magnet. tried a soft magnet, close but not as good. it just feels comfortable in my hand. the thing is they are cheap enough to buy a couple so you can really practice and get better. (Posted on 11/18/10)
Matthew Pierson Review by Matthew Pierson
Product Rating
Good putter. Has a nice feel and grip to the plastic. Like the way the edge of the disc has the gooove on it. It's a pretty accurate disc. Good putter for someone to try. (Posted on 10/24/10)
Benjamin Pike Review by Benjamin Pike
Product Rating
I really like this putter. The feel, the grip... it's really nice. It is more stable than an Aviar but less stable than a Rhyno. (Posted on 10/24/10)
Michael Hicks Review by Michael Hicks
Product Rating
I've used a 176 gram Pro D Magnet since day one. I've also tried other putters and always go right back the my Magnet. Besides easy to putt with, I can throw it mid range and it will hold a straight line and into the basket like on many occasions. It's also great for short shots around objects, getting right underneath the basket and when in trouble or near water and easy to place without worry. (Posted on 3/30/10)
Chris Hawkins Review by Chris Hawkins
Product Rating
Hands down ! This is the best putter out there . I love the first run hard to get so I just use the Pro D . Its good in the wind,rain,snow you know there is not a place my magnet wont go . (Posted on 11/26/09)

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