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Don`t settle for just any old sneaker on the Disc Golf Course. Insist on the Best! Insist on Merrell!

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  • Grassbow Sport Waterproof Black

    Grassbow Sport Waterproof Black

    $120.00 Click for price
  • Grassbow Sport Waterproof Pine

    Grassbow Sport Waterproof Pine

    $120.00 Click for price
  • Moab Waterproof Beluga

    Moab Waterproof Beluga

    $120.00 Click for price
  • Moab Waterproof Dusty Olive

    Moab Waterproof Dusty Olive

    $120.00 Click for price
  • Moab Waterproof Espresso

    Moab Waterproof Espresso

    $120.00 Click for price
  • Pulsate Camo Waterproof

    Pulsate Camo Waterproof

    $130.00 Click for price

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Alright everybody, step aside for the BIG Name in All-Terrain Hiking, Trail and Performance Shoes - Merrell!

After 25 years and countless rounds of Disc Golf on some of the world`s most grueling courses I think its fair to say that we know a good shoe when we see one and I`m here to tell you - these are among the best we`ve ever seen.

Rugged construction and tread that grips like a 4WD truck tire means you`ll never have to worry about that plant foot slipping as you release your drive again.  These things are built to work overtime while providing the comfort that you`ll need to wear them overtime.

Don`t fool around.  Don`t even think about whether your shoes can handle it anymore.  Just get the job done.  Always use the best tool for the job.  Use Merrell.

As always, if you don`t see your favorite model listed here just give us a call at 888-445-2810.  We`re loading models as fast as we can but there are many that are not listed here yet.  But if you ask politely, we may move yours to the front of the list ;-)

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