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12X Ken Climo Champion Firebird

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MSRP: $16.99

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

SKU: 238
Long Range Drivers
KC Production Models
43, 323

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95


This is 12 Time World Champion Ken Climo`s primary wind fighting disc.
This is the weapon he pulls out when no other driver has the stability to handle that monster wind in his face.
But Beware - this disc is not for spaghetti arms.
You better beef up if you want to throw the Firebird.
The Firebird has the stability of a Banshee with more speed and a more elongated flight path.

This is another excellent wind fighter for Innova.
With a low-profile and a very consistent line, it`s a disc that performs well for the most demanding pros and power players.
Very few Innova discs are as overstable as this disc.
Great for extreme hyzers and low skip shots and insane anhyzers.
Super stable fast and durable in Champion plastic.

Wide range of colors available.
Hotstamp randomly comes with or without the 12x Ken Climo stamp.
Please use the comment box for a stamp preference, otherwise you will receive your weight and color and a Random Hotstamp.
Weights are 150 class, and 165-175 grams.

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Manufacturer Innova

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Customer Reviews

Chris Lippert Review by Chris Lippert
Product Rating
The firebird is hands down the best disc for thumbers that I've ever thrown. 350 feet easily and accurately. (Posted on 12/15/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
The epitome of reliably overstable distance driver. You have got to have a monster arm to run this thing over; it is fading almost the instant it leaves your hand. I personally love this disc for thumbers and tomahawks. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Austin Pelzman Review by Austin Pelzman
Product Rating
Great disc! It's stability provides a great disc for a windy day. (Posted on 1/19/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
Amazing control driver! this disc is great for every throw I have, forehand, backhand, thumbers, tomahawks, and any other shot you can think up. I true glory of this disc is in the wind, it, will, not, flip, its super stable! This disc has never fliped on me no matter how strong the headwind. (Posted on 12/2/11)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
This disc is fantastic! It has a smaller rim so its very nice for people who want overstability without a giant rim. Very overstable, similar to the monster. I think this disc has much better glide to it though. I really think this disc is great for a nice s-curve, or a huge hyzer skip.Review:Similar to monsterCan handle your torqueWill almost always fadeNice gripNot too fast (Posted on 9/24/11)
Peter Robertson Review by Peter Robertson
Product Rating
A lot of people really like this disc, but I could never throw it with much satisfaction. It is incredibly overstable, and not much for distance in my opinion. Some people swear by this disc though. Try one of your friends' Firebirds before you commit to buying one. I gave mine away. (Posted on 4/15/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
Great disc for overhand and headwind. Very overstable and reliable. Thrown it in a variety of winds and it is not affected in any way. (Posted on 4/7/11)
ben bolton Review by ben bolton
Product Rating
i use mine for short headwind drives and approach shots. very good for hyzer shots because it is so easy to control and stays where it lands (Posted on 3/31/11)
ben bolton Review by ben bolton
Product Rating
i use mine for short headwind drives and approach shots. very good for hyzer shots because it is so easy to control and stays where it lands (Posted on 3/31/11)
Sam Hoertt Review by Sam Hoertt
Product Rating
this disc is for a tricky shot. i will and always use this disc until it breaks. it has great glide fast, accurate also great forehand (Posted on 3/7/11)
jake hoertt Review by jake hoertt
Product Rating
The firebird is one of the best discs for a beginner in my opinion. Its a straight flier and not too difficult to throw. My friend just bought one and he loves it. Definetly a good buy. (Posted on 2/17/11)
Will McIntyre Review by Will McIntyre
Product Rating
Firebird is one of my favorite discs. i love having it in my bag and i always pull it out for tricky shots (Posted on 2/4/11)
Scott Bates Review by Scott Bates
Product Rating
If you're in need of a disc that's gonna go left with a vengeance (for rhbh) this is your disc. It flies straight and finishes hard left. This disc was my first really overstable driver, and I loved it the first time I threw it. It's definitely a specific kind of shot disc, but when you need it, there's nothing else like it. If you're right on the edge of OB with OB to your right, you can power this thing away and there's no chance you're gonna slip up and go OB. It's very easy to put it where you want it. If you can get your hands on an 11x, I like them a little bit better, as they seem to be a little more stable before the fade, but the 12x works great too, especially once beaten in. (Posted on 11/26/10)
Andy Kloiber Review by Andy Kloiber
Product Rating
The Firebird is a great overstable driver. Great for spikes and thumbers. Once it beats in it is a great backhand disc. Minimum glide makes this disc deadly accurate. (Posted on 10/28/10)
Benjamin Pike Review by Benjamin Pike
Product Rating
This disc has a great feel. Real easy to aim. Don't over power it. Really nice flight. (Posted on 10/26/10)
Robert Utterback Review by Robert Utterback
Product Rating
Got this as a prize at a local tournament. I wasn't familiar with the disc so I wasn't sure how I would use it. For me it flies about as far as my star mako but I haven't really learned how to release it quite yet because it feels small in my hands. One use I really like is overhead shots, especially thumbers. It fits in my hand much better this way and does exactly what you expect it to. (Posted on 5/27/10)
Jason Rowe Review by Jason Rowe
Product Rating
Amazing disc. Fits great in your hand, and goes exactly where you want it to (rhfh), or hyzers hard at the end of a long, straight flight (rhbh) predictably.Very highly recommended. (Posted on 5/26/10)
Chris Hawkins Review by Chris Hawkins
Product Rating
This is one disc that is a must have for my bag forehand,backhand,UD,skips,spikes, thanks the Lord for the Firebird 175g. (Posted on 12/9/09)

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