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JK Pro Aviar-X

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MSRP: $12.99

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95

Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95

SKU: 34

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95


The JK Aviar-X is what became of the original Aviar-X from the late 90`s when Juliana Korver endorsed it.
It`s essentially a big bead Aviar in premium soft plastic.
This makes it a little less stable than the typical big bead Aviar.
The feel of the plastic is great but changes from run to run from super soft to fairly stiff but grippy.
So when you find the run you like, grab up on as many as you can.
You can specify your preference in the comment box at check out.
Various colors.
Weights 165-175 grams.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Innova

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Customer Reviews

Nicholas Ribera Review by Nicholas Ribera
Product Rating
I take back what I said in my earlier review. since buying a new JK Pro Aviar-X, this is the only putter I will use. When fresh, it's incredibly stable, like a midrange almost, with only a slight and predicable fade at the end. It feels so nice when new, also- gummy but stiff, and the shape really feels comfortable in my hand- like it fills my grip without being too big.The bead also helps me have a consistent finger placement- I put the bead in the crease of the third knuckle of my index finger- a consistent hand placement leads to a consistent release.While it's also great any anhyzer shots, it leaves a little to be desired with anyhyzer- doesn't turn over as soon as my overstable putter does (Vibram VP) so I don't use it for those shots. (Posted on 12/9/12)
Nicholas Ribera Review by Nicholas Ribera
Product Rating
I found this putter on a course a few months ago in Nashville. It was old and beat in, and didn't add much to my game at the time. I've gotten more into the game, and it still doesn't fit in my bag. At low speeds (as most posts are) it's really flippy and fades about 2/3rds into the flight, making straight puts only an option if you throw really hard. This doesn't work for people who like to "float" the disc into the basket. (Posted on 10/4/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Great feeling putter. Is very good for people who like the feel and flight of a KC Aviar, but prefer a softer plastic. Glides better than the KC and is slightly less stable. Like the description said, the stiffness does vary from run to run, so there are almost floppy to pretty stiff ones. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Keith Piskun Review by Keith Piskun
Product Rating
I believe grippy putters like this cause more rejeced putts because the grip the chain until they swing back and the disc falls out just use kc pro (Posted on 8/13/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
By far the best putter on the market. I used to putt with KC's but soon learned that I liked a little more grip to my putts. Not only do you get more grip and consistency from this disc, it sticks in the chains more often than a KC Aviar will. Also this disc makes for an awsome straight shot off the tee and for upshots. (Posted on 12/1/11)
Caleb Radjeski Review by Caleb Radjeski
Product Rating
I love this putter!! After I lost my putter I had to get a new one, so I decided to get this one! Everyone of this discs are different! You can find stiff ones are floppy ones. They are a little stable, but are great putters! I recommend this putter to everyone! (Posted on 6/9/11)
Chris Goowin Review by Chris Goowin
Product Rating
I love this putter! Anything from 30-80 its light out. (Posted on 5/1/11)
Erik Trudelle Review by Erik Trudelle
Product Rating
This is a fantastic putter, which can also double as a midrange disc if you put some power on it. This one just seems to get better with age too. (Posted on 4/11/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
Great driving putter. Love how tacky this thing feels. If you are struggling with your current putter, this one could be the answer to all of your problems. (Posted on 3/22/11)
Brian Street Review by Brian Street
Product Rating
Well ten years ago I played with this disc, decided to try new ones over the years after due to new products, but guess what, I am back for the JK. This is an awesome putter. All in all I have hit more putts with a JK Pro Aviar than any putter that I have tried. I've putted with Omega SS(the old school ones) but they are just too soft. Ive tried the Star Aviar and it is too hard. The JK is just right! If you don't believe me then try one for yourself. If a sturdy putter with a soft side to it is what you like than the JK is what I suggest. (Posted on 12/1/10)
Nathan Scholl Review by Nathan Scholl
Product Rating
I was extremely disappointed with this disc. Perhaps it is just my throwing style, but i could not make typically easy putts with this disc to save my life. I didnt know what to expect every time i threw it, as it flew extremely unpredictably. A slight breeze will throw it far off course, as will much of anything else. Would not recommend this disc unless you have absolutely flawless form and have the aim of a sharpshooter. (Posted on 11/22/10)
andrew glenn Review by andrew glenn
Product Rating
I discovered the JK Aviar-X about 6 months ago and realized that I could finally feel comfortable with a putter in my hand. The combination of feel, grip and reliability make this disc a standout in my bag, and I rely upon it every time I line up from inside 100ft. (Posted on 8/31/10)
Brian Matthews Review by Brian Matthews
Product Rating
I used a Soft Magnet for a while, but I've stuck with my Wizard putter for most of my play lately. This is a great soft putter, but not too soft that it can't take a little action. Along with my Wiz and the Magic, this putter sees a fair amount of action on the course. (Posted on 4/22/08)

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