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Innova Dyes

Innova Dyes

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Tye Dyed Discs are One of our Original Specialties

We keep close to 1,000 in stock!

Tye Dye discs, or fly dye discs, as they are sometimes called, are the most colorful incarnation of golf discs available.  No 2 dyes are identical so tye dyed discs are the best way to make sure your disc is totally unique on your course.

Tye Dye Discs from 6 Different Artists

This means you`ll have the World`s greatest variety of tye dye designs to choose from.  Tye Dye Artists each have their own individual style.  So we send discs around the country to be dyed by different artists with different ideas.  Tye Dyes are all about being unique, and so is Disc Golf.

Colors and varieties are infinite so you are sure to find something you like.  And if you want something specific, just explain your idea to us and we`ll do our best to create exactly what you want.

We typically stock 500 to 1000 tye dye discs, but the availability of certain models depends on the availability of white or very light discs in that model.  In the case of clear discs like Innova Champion and Discraft Elite Z, not a lot of them are made because clear is a color that is hard to see.

Also, our tye dye inventory rotates very rapidly so the styles and types of dyes available may vary.  This makes it practically impossible to keep accurate online inventory.  There`s just too many coming and going all the time.  So we encourage you to call us directly if you have something particular you`re looking for.  We`ll be glad to "peruse" the inventory for you.

In the mean time, we will continue to list a limited number of dyes to serve as examples of what is available.  We will be listing all models that are readily available and the most common styles of dye that can be found.

Very unusual, high-end, unique dyes will continue to be listed here individually.

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