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Champion Sidewinder

MSRP: $16.99

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

SKU: 247
Long Range Drivers

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95


The Sidewinder rests right in between the Roadrunner and the Valkyrie in terms of stability with the Roadrunner being slightly less stable and the Valkyrie slightly more stable.
These discs all run about the same speed and require similar arm speed and snap to work effectively.
As a matter of fact, these discs may fill in for one another on the same relatively straight precision drives.
The difference is in the flight path they use to get to the target.
The Sidewinder has the ability to perform a beautiful S-turn on it`s way to the target.
Basically, it turns over some early in the flight, straightening out past the halfway point and fading back to a hyzer for the last 15-20% of the flight.
When the fairway demands a shot with multiple turns but a fairly straight outcome, this disc does it surprisingly, and sometimes shockingly, well.
As is typical, the heaviest weights are pretty stable and will take a good amount of torque or a some headwind to get it to perform as mentioned above.
The lower the weight, the easier it will be to get the intended action out of the disc, but the more vulnerable it will be to the wind.
Overall, this is an excellent, accurate, distance disc that`s valuable enough to be one of the Editor`s Top Picks in the long range driver category.
The Champion version is a little less stable than the other types out of the box, but it lasts practically forever, so it takes a long time to beat in for more turnover.
Once it does though, it`s practically invaluable. We recommend breaking in more than one so you`ll have some back-ups.
If you`re relying on this heavily and you lose it, your score will suffer a major setback.
Available in a full range of colors. 150-175 grams.

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Manufacturer Innova

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Customer Reviews

very useful disc Review by Allen
Product Rating
The Sidewinder is a great disc for overhand shots, long turnover shots, is a decent roller, and fits nicely in anyone's bag between the straight and under stable discs. it will give you more distance than a straight shot, and will fit into those dog legs nicely. excellent disc to learn with and keep all the way up to pro levels. (Posted on 8/12/14)
Beginner friendly Review by Samuel
Product Rating
Great turnover disc for beginners. Recommended to me when I first began< it has remained a key part of my bag ever since. For me, it tends to hyzer out after throwing on an anhyzer line, which created a nice S curve shot, even for those with less arm strength. (Posted on 6/20/14)
Cristian Barajas Review by Cristian Barajas
Product Rating
Really great disc for beginners and for those with more experience. It has nice glide and the S-curve it produces is sweet! I don't backhand or flick it anymore because I favor more speed for those long drives. But the Sidewinder always comes in handy when I need that long, predictable roller. Everyone should have this in their arsenal. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Richard Skoyec Review by Richard Skoyec
Product Rating
Wonderful disc for backhand beginners. When I first started someone recommended this disc to me and it hasn't left my bag since. The Champion plastic has held up fantastically for the amount of trees the disc has hit :) (Posted on 10/10/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Great turnover driving. Turns more than a Valkyrie and fades a little less, but has better glide. Best thing about the sidewinder is how smooth the turn is. Has enough fade to finish flat. And because it's champ plastic, it's going to fly like that for a loooong time. (Posted on 9/28/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
The best turnover disc on the market right now, it is really smooth coming out of the hand. This disc also makes for a great roller. (Posted on 1/9/12)
peter maher Review by peter maher
Product Rating
This disc was my first love. My go-to disc for 2 years, it is the perfect driver for the beginners. it will fly beautifully every time, and turn into an awesome roller once you beat it in real good. highly recommended (Posted on 11/8/11)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
Wonderful disc for players trying to learn S-curves on backhand drives. It works very well because it is stable enough to come back from the S but not so stable as to ruin the flight path. Similar to a valk but it is slightly more stable. Works extremely well for backhand drives and will work well for newer players working on their distance.Review:Very easy to s-curve backhandedGood learning driverSimilar to valk/vikingCan be thrown very straight if released at the right angle (Posted on 10/12/11)
Allyn Dady Review by Allyn Dady
Product Rating
I usually go for weights in the 160s, but I have a 175 gm Champ Sidewinder that rips. Noted for the S-turns, but get her going low and flat, she flies straight as an arrow. Very controllable, very versatile. (Posted on 8/2/11)
ben bolton Review by ben bolton
Product Rating
gr8 for long and controled drives i find it better in champion to help it come back from its initial fade (Posted on 3/31/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
This disc has a great flight pattern. Right out of the box it makes a beautiful s-curve for massive distance. If you are looking for a fast driver that is not overstable, I highly suggest picking up a sidewinder. (Posted on 3/22/11)
Justin Rodman Review by Justin Rodman
Product Rating
This disc is great i love it. It goes far and stays straight. Sometimes i even use it for putting. (Posted on 3/8/11)
jake hoertt Review by jake hoertt
Product Rating
Awesome backhanding disc. Good for player of any skill.Easily controllable and pretty good power. Great disc. (Posted on 3/7/11)
Scott Bates Review by Scott Bates
Product Rating
I'm pretty new to disc golf (only been playing 7 months) and the Champion Sidewinder 167g was one of the first discs I purchased. It's a great disc that you can do most anything with. Even with it being an understable disc, I'd always heard that if your form is good, you can forehand flick anything. I learned on this disc and it's flight is as predictable as can be both forehand and backhand. I lost the first one and immediately had to get another. If I had to pick one driver to use for an entire round, it would probably be this disc as it is easy to learn, can be thrown back and forehand, and can also stand up to multiple tree strikes like a champ! (Posted on 10/29/10)
Benjamin Pike Review by Benjamin Pike
Product Rating
Great backhand disc. Really easy to aim. Great for any player. (Posted on 10/26/10)
Rene Mengel Review by Rene Mengel
Product Rating
My first pick as a roller disc. Very easy to master and throw a roller with this and champion plastic lasts forewer. (Posted on 8/22/10)
Kyle Eller Review by Kyle Eller
Product Rating
i love this disc. i found one on my course in nearly perfect condition and tested it out the next round. this disc goes really far and has really nice glide. if you throw it with a slight hyzer it flips up and glides and has a little predictable fade a the end. don't let the distance it gets fool you though it can also be used on shorter holes too. i was surprised to get as much distance out of a slower disc but have found many good uses for it which includes rollers, hyzers, and long anhyzers. i would recommend this disc to anyone looking for a good disc. and if your looking to buy one i would buy it here because of the great service and advice they give. (Posted on 7/5/10)
Kevin Douglas Review by Kevin Douglas
Product Rating
Very easy to turn the disc right for backhand players. (Posted on 4/3/10)
Matt Tamme Review by Matt Tamme
Product Rating
I carry 2 174g Champ Sidewinders in my bag. These are my go to discs I can make a Sidewinder do anything I want it to. Throw flat hard and good snap and watch it cut right or a little Hyzer and it will go dead straight or put some serious Hyzer on it and it will go out flip flat cruse for a while and cut back in left. Great starter discs in lighter weight for candy plastic. Try one out and it will find a home in your bag. 90% of everyone I play with throws a Sidewinder. Even the most Hard Core Discraft guys will give props to a champ sidewinder. As far a is concerned they are awesome I've been playing for about a two years and this is the hot spot. Joe, Wendy, Scott, and Little Joey and the rest of the staff are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. They have almost anything you can think of in stock. You got to check out there store in Clearwater Florida. (Posted on 8/13/07)

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