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Elite Z Buzzz

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MSRP: $17.99

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

SKU: 199
Midrange Drivers

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95


The Z Buzzz is Discraft`s best-selling straight midrange driver. It`s fast and incredibly durable, thanks to the nearly indestructible Z plastic it`s made out of. This is the money-maker for many mid to high-level players. Once you lock in your straight-line with it, it`s good for many, many rounds without changing flight, giving you time to hone it in. Available in a wide variety of colors, both clear and pearlescent. 167-178 grams.

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Manufacturer Discraft

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Customer Reviews

Essential Big D Mid Review by John W
Product Rating
I can push my Buzzz 174g out around 290 - 300'. It flips up, flexes some, and lands with almost no fade. Amazing from heights because of the control for how much glide you get, safe and fun. Dead straight inside of 250' and holds any line, although anhyzers are touchy with how old my buzzz is now. Comes in fast so I use it mostly for 200 - 300' approach and tee shots, but I can often tag the basket or pole inside of that range. I just don't like the putt when I miss. I throw it RHFH only. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Robert Nixon Review by Robert Nixon
Product Rating
I love this disk so much for approach and short drives that I bought 4 different weights for different condition and it has really upped my game.Superb disc for ever player to carry in their bag. Get 3 or 4 for different types of play. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Best midrange period Review by Homerunhomejack
Product Rating
This disc feels great and throws better. In my effort to expand what disc's I use I picked up one of these. Forum Clearwater disc golf of course. Nice fade and handles power better then any midrange I've experienced. This disc will never leave my bag. (Posted on 1/15/14)
best disc, PERIOD Review by joe
Product Rating
this disc is a must for all skill levels. If I was forced to only play with one disc the rest of my life, it would be a buzzz. I love the feel of the rim compared to a roc. I usually like to throw more unpopular discs, but I can't get rid of my buzzz, ever (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great all around disc. Review by mark
Product Rating
Flies straight with a predictable fade. One of the best discs ever made. (Posted on 1/15/14)
awesome disc for anything Review by Michael
Product Rating
One of my first discs and I still use it. Perfect disc for straight shots that will also hold any line you put it on. Great for shorter forehand touch shots. Great disc that I will always use. (Posted on 1/15/14)
If you can only have one disc... Review by Christopher
Product Rating
This should be that disc. The buzzz is one of the most reliable discs on the market. This thing will hold a straight line with a bit of fade at the end even when powered up to 350 ft. Throw it on a hyzer and it will hold it, or throw it on an anhyzer and it will work it's way slowly out for a long, smooth turn. The buzzz also feels more comfortable in the hand than the roc which many throwers will appreciate. In Elite Z plastic the buzzz is a little bit more stable which is perfect if you pair this up with an Elite X buzzz for straight shots and turn overs. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Allyn Dady Review by Allyn Dady
Product Rating
Shallow rim makes it easier to grip and control than any number of deep rim midranges. Pay attention if you have smaller hands. The greatest advantage to the Buzzz is that, aside from a fan grip, you can throw it just like your long range drivers. No special adjustments required. All this disc wants is a slight hyzer release and a decisive snap and follow through. The Buzzz likes to laser beam low and will stay true to its track. (Posted on 11/16/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
One of the most reliable mids out there. Very straight, with low LSS and a high resistance to turn. The Z plastic makes it quick out of your hand and very resistant to changes in flight. (Posted on 9/19/12)
Steven Strayer Review by Steven Strayer
Product Rating
This is my go to disc for many situations. Perfect for in the woods and straight 200ft'ers. Has a consistent fade at the end and flies real nice in the wind. If you only had one disc, this could do the trick for sure. (Posted on 6/14/12)
Jerrod Wright Review by Jerrod Wright
Product Rating
First disc I used. It is great. Holds any line you put it on. Great beginnerdisc to start off with. (Posted on 5/1/12)
Curtis Stroud Review by Curtis Stroud
Product Rating
#1 golf disc available. This disc is perfect for all levels of players. I recommend this as anyones first and last golf disc. I Carry 3 with me at all times. I have a beat in one that has a nice anyhyzer to it, a slightly worn one that when thrown hyzer flips up and flies nice and straight and a brand new one that rarely comes out. I carry it in case I lose one of the others. To be honest, I don't think it really matters how new or beat in it is, it will fly wherever you tell it to. 5 Stars is not enough. (Posted on 4/30/12)
Caleb Radjeski Review by Caleb Radjeski
Product Rating
I love z Buzzz's!!! They are so predictable and easy to throw! They hold any line you put them on! Great for beginners! I highly recommend this disc! (Posted on 4/15/12)
Nathan Horsley Review by Nathan Horsley
Product Rating
This is possibly the best first golf disc you could ever get. It is just stable enough to handle some moderate winds, but also allows for near perfectly straight shots. This disc WILL improve your score. You cannot go wrong with a Buzzz. (Posted on 2/8/12)
miguel bertorelli Review by miguel bertorelli
Product Rating
this disc will bring your score down the first time you play with it!!! stick with it long enough and it will hold any line you want!! (Posted on 1/18/12)
Ryan Conto Review by Ryan Conto
Product Rating
straight flyer... YEA (Posted on 12/18/11)
Joseph Mead Review by Joseph Mead
Product Rating
after i got this, i gave my dog my shark and never looked back. Super wide and flat giving it am amazing glide with just .5 stability, just put a kiss of anhyzer to get a sweet little S for 200+ ft. Just wish my friends that got me into frisbee golf would of had me get this as my first disc just to get the basics down b4 leveling up to a disc i wasnt ready for (stability wise). (Posted on 12/1/11)
will angello Review by will angello
Product Rating
This disc is great and you will always rely on this for any type of hole!!! (Posted on 11/15/11)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
Fantastic disc. If you are a beginner I highly recommend you get one of these and learn to throw it. This disc is so stable it does a great job of showing any technique flaws. If the disc flutters when you throw it, you have OAT. It is a great disc for diagnosing issues on drives or approachesThe Buzzz also holds any line you can put on it. Review:Fantastic mid rangeUsable by beginner or proGreat when combined with the Roc as set of midrangesCan be used to driveVery easy to grip rimBEGINNERS GET THIS DISC! (Posted on 9/24/11)
Andrew Nicholls Review by Andrew Nicholls
Product Rating
The Buzzz is so versatile! It offers smooth turnover shots when thrown with an anhyzer release, sweet flex shots when thrown flat, and when released with a hyzer angle the disc will flip up, go straight and then fade out reliably at the end of it's flight. I made my first ever ace with this disc and it hasn't left my bag since. (Posted on 3/27/11)
Connor Scholl Review by Connor Scholl
Product Rating
This disc is one of my favorite discs ever!! It's perfect for beginners. The first time I threw my buzzz, I was suprised to see how straight it went. I aimed at my soccer goal, it went in my soccer goal. When I threw it at the basket, it went in the basket. So, for the beginners, BUY THIS DISC!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 3/27/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
Currently I carry two buzzes; one brand new and one well seasoned and one brand new. Out of the box this disc flies dead straight, and after about a year it becomes a great turnover mid range. Also, it is a great long distance putter! Its faster than a putter so you dont have to throw it as hard from the 100 ft range. Overall great disc, highly recommend it. (Posted on 3/21/11)
Justin Rodman Review by Justin Rodman
Product Rating
This disc is great i love it. It goes far and stays straight. Sometimes i even use it for putting. (Posted on 3/9/11)
Peter Robertson Review by Peter Robertson
Product Rating
Four things I love about this disk. 1) The elite Z plastic is one of the most durable plastics out there, so I know that no matter how hard I throw this disc, it'll be fine. 2) This disk is a straight flyer. It will hold a line like nobody's business, and with a predictable late fade. 3) The rim on this disc is comfortable and easy to grip. A lot of midrange drivers have an awkward feel, but this one is solid. 4) I get a lot more distance out of this midrange than any of my others, as well. (Posted on 12/6/10)
Nathan Scholl Review by Nathan Scholl
Product Rating
One of the most popular mid-range discs on the market, and for good reason. The buzzz is extremely durable and reliable. A good buy, and a great addition to anyone's game. (Posted on 11/26/10)
Ethan Rowton Review by Ethan Rowton
Product Rating
THE BEST DISC EVER. PERIOD. I remember my first buzzz ever. I literally slept with it. This disc will hold any line you put on it and it will just keep going. Hyzer, Straight hyzer finished, approaches, and anhyzers; this disc has got it all. This is the disc hat got me into Discraft plastic. By far the most dependable disc on the market. A great disc for beginners to learn to drive with. I highly recommend any true disc golfer to pick up a buzzz if they don't already have one. (Posted on 11/18/10)
Scott Bates Review by Scott Bates
Product Rating
This was my first foray into the world of Discraft Discs, and I have to say it's probably the best, or next to best, of the midrange discs I've thrown. (I'm pretty partial to cobras, but that's another story). Anyway, this thing is pretty close to indestructable and flies incredibly straight. One of the things that I've found most likeable about it for me is that while many discs change their flight patterns a little as they break in, this disc seems to remain the same as when you bought it. I made the unfortunate mistake of doing surgery on one after it got a pretty big cut in one side. It wasn't very successful. However, I was able to go pick another up, and it threw just like my older one had before the failed procedure. On wooded courses that have very narrow fairways that require extreme straight drives, this disc rules! I've never used it as a putter, but depending on the length of the course being played, on a one disc challege, this or a Wizard HPP would probably be what I'd use for a go to disc, and more than likely would go with the buzz for the added distance. As it flies well at slower speeds as well, I can see where you could putt with it. (Posted on 11/2/10)
Andy Kloiber Review by Andy Kloiber
Product Rating
A must have for any disc golfer. Carry this and a Roc and you'll have the best midrange disc on the planet. Throw it properly and the Buzzz will a hold line. (Posted on 9/13/10)
Einar Elbing Review by Einar Elbing
Product Rating
Currently the Z Buzz is in my bag. It is just little overstable when new but when beaten it becomes superstraight flyer. Also great for midrange forehand drives.Holds any line you put in it, hyzer, anhyzer or straigh. (Posted on 8/23/10)
Kyle Eller Review by Kyle Eller
Product Rating
when i began playing i heard this disc was the best disc ever made. i didnt understand why they said that because it wasn't "keeping whatever line i threw it on". a couple weeks later i learned how to throw correctly and then i understood what they were talking about. i can throw this straight and it will keep straight with a little fade thats very dependable at the end or any angle hyzer or anhyzer and it will keep that line till it hits the ground. these have become my favorite discs in my bag. i have a 175 and a 168 gram and these were some the first discs that i had two of in my bag and i plan to keep them both in there. my sister played for the first time the other day and she tried out a couple of sics and this by far her favorite discs in my bag. if you only play with one disc this is great because it gets enough accurate distance for short to medium length holes to come very close to the basket and can be used for s a putter as well. if you are just beginning or have been playing for years i highly recommend this disc and guarantee you will be satisfied. (Posted on 6/9/10)
Ryan Cockrel Review by Ryan Cockrel
Product Rating
The Buzzz is one of the most versatile discs on the market, because it is so forgiving of the amount of power you put on it. It can be thrown with full power without flipping, and it can be finessed for a shorter shot. They hold the line you put them on. They increased my approach game accuracy, and they'll probably increase yours. These will comfortably fly in the 300 ft. range without trouble. (Posted on 6/9/10)

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