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DX TeeBird

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MSRP: $9.99

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $7.95

Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $7.95

SKU: 61
Long Range Drivers

Quick Overview

  • Predictable fairway driver

  • Stable and easy to control

  • A long time favorite of Ken Climo

DX TeeBird - Orange

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  • DX TeeBird - Yellow
  • DX TeeBird - White
  • DX TeeBird - Red
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  • DX TeeBird - Blue

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Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price: $7.95


About the DX TeeBird

The TeeBird is a stable driver that can be relied on for a gradual hyzer through most of it`s flight. Power players will find this disc fairly straight, with perhaps a little hyzer at the end. It fights all but strong headwinds well. Will be considerably overstable for beginners and players with slower arm speed. These players will want to stay with the lighter weights to get the same performance. If you`d like a less stable TeeBird for straigth and turnover shots, try the TeeBird "TL". The DX version is not too overstable and will beat in quicker to give a controlled straight shot.

More about the DX TeeBird from Innova

The TeeBird is one of our most accurate and reliable fairway drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind. It is a popular choice for pros including 12 time World Champion and Hall-of-Famer Ken Climo. The TeeBird is very versatile driver; Excellent for pin-point accuracy, distance and sidearm.

About the DX plastic

Our DX Line is produced with our Deluxe plastic. The DX Line offers the widest selection of models and weights. These discs are affordably priced and provide an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. DX discs wear in with usage and over time will eventually take on new and varied flight characteristics. Many top pros carry several DX discs of their favorite models to provide different flight patterns for different situations.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Innova
Plastic DX
Speed 7
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2
Production Status Current

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Customer Reviews

Adam Buckwheat Review by Adam Buckwheat
Product Rating
The Innova DX Tee-Bird Fairway Driver is an amazing Fairway Driver, ESPECIALLY for the Price. One of the most popular Fairway Drivers of All-Time, this disc has an almost unnoticeable, Overstable (Turn -0) Turn and a Hook/Straight (Fade +2) Fade. I use this disc for most throws w/ a distance greater than Mid-Range. My Tee-Bird weighs in at 167 g., fitting almost every distance throw need, even Drives! The Turn & Fade have a nice balance for straighter throws w/ a little fade at the end of longer throws. Throwing this Disc w/ a little Hyzer or Anhyzer when needing to navigate a left or right turning fairway/hole, this disc will continue to hold that line allowing you to throw w/ great accuracy. This Disc's Speed (Speed +7) is on the higher end of Fairway Drivers allowing it to fly farther through head OR tailwinds. The Glide (Glide +5) is huge, especially for beginners, as it will tend to carry further than normal/comparable Fairway Drivers. For your money, this is THE best Fairway Driver out there! (Posted on 1/15/14)
Excellent Disc Review by Dennis
Product Rating
The TeeBird is an excellent disc for beginner and advanced players. This disc goes as straight as you want, also you can throw easily a hyzer/anhyzer without experience to the disc. Everybody should have at least one TeeBird in his bag ! (Posted on 1/15/14)
Matthew Cavazos Review by Matthew Cavazos
Product Rating
I am pretty new to disc golf and have tried multiple different discs. The DX TeeBird is by favor my favorite one. Beats up nice and a straight flyer! (Posted on 1/31/13)
David whitman Review by David whitman
Product Rating
The true wirth of this disc comes after you have thrown it for a while. It reall becomes a lazer straight thrower that will hold a line while gliding over the sunset. love this disc! (Posted on 11/16/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
My favorite turnover fairway driver. I can throw it the exact same as my Champ Teebirds but the DX one will hold a smooth anhyzer line all the way to the ground. With such great glide you can really stretch those dogleg shots. DX grip is great as always. (Posted on 9/21/12)
Dasha Vong Review by Dasha Vong
Product Rating
Sweet disc! Flys really straight! The DX plastic can get a bit banged up though. (Posted on 8/21/12)
Sam Hoertt Review by Sam Hoertt
Product Rating
this disc is a great gamble. it flies straight and very sturdy. works evertime. (Posted on 11/11/11)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
When seasoned this disc can fly straight for days. It will start a little bit overstable but after inevitably finding some trees it will become a super straight flyer. The DX plastic is very good for beginners to learn with.Review:Straight flying teebird!When beat in becomes less overstableGreat learning disc (Posted on 9/25/11)
Matt Marlow Review by Matt Marlow
Product Rating
This is the only disc I can throw backhand. I usually throw sidearm but this disc is great for the traditional backhand throws. It flies smooth and is controllable. (Posted on 1/23/11)
Robert Utterback Review by Robert Utterback
Product Rating
The day I lost my first and beloved star tl I found the dx teebird in the same general area. It was all beat to hell but I picked it up anyway because who doesn't like finding discs. I have read that if you can't wait for a beat up teebird, buy a tl. Since I just lost a tl and found a beat up teebird, I thought it could fill the void until I found another tl. The dx teebird didn't really do it for me. It was too easy to flip and not very predictable. Every now and then it can hyzer flip and fly dead straight for about 325 feet. I am a huge fan of the champ teebird but the dx just didn't quite do it for me. (Posted on 12/8/10)
Chris Hawkins Review by Chris Hawkins
Product Rating
I really like this disc in any short or wooded course or if I have to keep it on a fairway .With less power it just seems to know what I need it to do . This would be a great starter disc too. (Posted on 12/21/09)

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