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Champion Groove

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MSRP: $16.99

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95

SKU: 3458
Ultra Long Range Drivers

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Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price: $13.95


Extremely Fast with a bit less stability than the Boss.

Amazing glide with the new groove carved in the underside of the wing.

Goes farther than you think it will, Brad swears it goes 60 feet further than his Boss!

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Manufacturer Innova

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Customer Reviews

Cody Vincent Review by Cody Vincent
Product Rating
The groove is a fantastic distance driver that has a good turn early and fades well late. It may feel weird to some players due to the unique lip that this disc has, but if you aren't bothered by a different feel, it is a great disc. (Posted on 10/25/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
Terribly inconsistent disc. Flew nothing like the flight ratings indicated. Good idea, bad execution. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Chris Lippert Review by Chris Lippert
Product Rating
Every Groove is different. That being said The one i have is super. Its just stable enough to hold a straight line with a forehand drive. I lost the disc in the woods for over a year. The groove i got to replace it was way more overstable. Luckily i found the old one in the woods just a few days ago. (Posted on 8/5/12)
Brandon Savoy Review by Brandon Savoy
Product Rating
I prefer this disc with a side arm throw. It has a nice straight shot with a nice smooth fade at the end. Awesome for a dogleg right hole. (Posted on 5/19/12)
Austin Pelzman Review by Austin Pelzman
Product Rating
Very weird disc. Tends to airbounce if there is any wind. Seems to have a monarch rim. I honestly don't see a very large need for this disc. It is very fast and slightly understable. People will either love it or hate it. I highly suggest throwing someone elses groove before buying your own. That being said, the people who love it swear by it. Maybe you will be one of those groovers. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Gabriel Howe Review by Gabriel Howe
Product Rating
Very weird disc. Tends to airbounce if there is any wind. Seems to have a monarch rim. I honestly don't see a very large need for this disc. It is very fast and slightly understable. People will either love it or hate it. I highly suggest throwing someone elses groove before buying your own. That being said, the people who love it swear by it. Maybe you will be one of those groovers.Review:Very fastUnusual rimHigh glidePolarizing disc! (Posted on 11/4/11)
Allyn Dady Review by Allyn Dady
Product Rating
Based on Innova's flight ratings, I expected a different kind of performance from this disc...I was expecting a faster Beast. Instead what I got was a horkingly overstable disc. I know the big arms will love it, but understable it's not. I just don't know about the -2 High Speed Turn rating. (Posted on 7/27/11)
Erik Trudelle Review by Erik Trudelle
Product Rating
This disc flies far, period. I really like the rim style, and it improves grip. Definitely a good add to your bag. (Posted on 4/11/11)
Will McIntyre Review by Will McIntyre
Product Rating
i like this disc alot. i flies really far. its a little hard to throw cuts at the end, but i recommend it (Posted on 3/23/11)
Justin Rodman Review by Justin Rodman
Product Rating
This disc is great i love it. It goes far and stays straight. works great anytime. (Posted on 3/21/11)
jake hoertt Review by jake hoertt
Product Rating
best pure distance driver there is. Will fly a mile but needs to be thrown with power. Awesome for long holes. (Posted on 3/5/11)
Matt Marlow Review by Matt Marlow
Product Rating
13 speed is true. Thsi disc will fly forever and is the farthest flying disc i have seen. It is a little hard to throw but overall it is great. (Posted on 1/22/11)
Andy Greenwald Review by Andy Greenwald
Product Rating
This is my go-to driver for shots I throw my hardest! It has enough speed so when I throw it hard, it doesn't flip over, but also doesn't start turning left (I'm rhbh) until near the end of its flight. This disc is a joy! (Posted on 12/6/10)
Curtis Campbell Review by Curtis Campbell
Product Rating
I found this disc and wanted to not like it based on stuff that I had heard...However, I can throw it very far and it flies a consistent anhyzer path for me. Champion plastic makes it ideal for skipping it in to baskets surrounded by trees. (Posted on 12/6/10)
Scott Bates Review by Scott Bates
Product Rating
Definitely NOT a disc for those new to the sport. I bought this a couple months after starting to play just because it was the "fastest" disc they had at the local Academy. I didn't have the arm speed at all for it; probably still don't. I can throw many discs farther than this one for that reason. Also, I've heard from the guys in our local club that there are many other discs that can do everything this one can do, but better. If you're newer to disc golf and are ready to step up to a bit faster of a driver, I'd suggest a Monarch or Avenger SS. (Posted on 11/2/10)
Benjamin Pike Review by Benjamin Pike
Product Rating
The groove is kind of an unstable disc but also stable at the same time. It is all about power with this disc. If you throw it medium to hard strength it will fly a pretty predictable path but if you go "balls to the walls" with it, it is hard to guess where it is going sometimes. Still overall this disc isn't bad. Extremely fast. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Robbie Finkle Review by Robbie Finkle
Product Rating
Not a fan. I'm a true player of the game, new to the game(about a year), play ALOT! I understand how every disc in my bag flies(about 20 discs in bag). This is the most difficult disc I have ever owned. I actually got lucky and traded this disc straight up to some dude on a random course in Florida, Ronnie Van Zandt course. I traded my Champion Groove for his brand new Champion Boss, both neon yellow. Best trade I've made. The Groove, unfortunately, was one of the most unpredictable discs I've thrown, never staight. Fast, yes. Knowing where it is ever going to end up, no. Again, unfortunate. (Posted on 8/30/10)
Dylan Newton Review by Dylan Newton
Product Rating
I hate this disc!!!!! I don't have the ability to turn it over. or make it go anywhere. It will go maybe 100' then fall hard to the left. This disc is definitely not for beginners. (Posted on 8/3/10)
Kyle Eller Review by Kyle Eller
Product Rating
i haven't used this disc much but i like the distance and dependability of this disc. this was my brothers disc that i had inherited. we didn't like it at first but once i developed better driving technique i saw the distance i could get out of this. after i learned how to drive well i still didn't really want to try it out because of how it flew before but i was playing a par five and decided to give it another try. i got up to the tee and let it rip. it went pretty straight, really far, and it had a pretty short fade and landed about a hundred feet or less from the pin. i would recommend this disc to someone that wants some more distance with medium sized hands(it feels like it will go far in your hands). (Posted on 6/21/10)
Robert Utterback Review by Robert Utterback
Product Rating
I actually found this disc one morning sitting in the middle of a fairway (mark your discs so they can get returned). I actually was looking to buy one of these before this so I lucked out. I haven't thrown this as much as I would like to because I am trying to beat up a couple of other drivers. When I have thrown the Groove, I find it to fly without much high speed turn. It has a very abrupt fade after about 90% of the total flight. I have relatively large hands and really like the fat rim on this disc. (Posted on 5/27/10)
Matt Ward Review by Matt Ward
Product Rating
I have 3. I have only used 1 so far (red 167g). I don't believe I can generate enough speed to fly this disc flat. It throws very over stable for me but does turn consistently. Even when I apply significant anhyzer I can't seem to control the turn. My max distance has been 325'. I believe it would live up to the stated characteristics if it were star or pro plastic versus champion. Other players have told me they have ditched the groove in favor of the Katana. I have ordered the Katana and believe I will have better luck with it. I am bound and determined to continue using the groove but more so for special shots. (Posted on 3/12/10)
Keith Schulien Review by Keith Schulien
Product Rating
This disc totally depends on the weight! The heavier weight seems to be really more overstable than its suppose to be. Try the lighter weights like 165 and you won't take this disc out of your bag! (Posted on 11/19/08)
Matthew Skelton Review by Matthew Skelton
Product Rating
I just got the Groove about two weeks ago and I love it. The Boss never would get the right turn over for me, although I could see it's potential for distance. Now I've driven further than I ever have on every super long hole I regularly play. It's a great disc if you have the power to control it. (Posted on 10/19/08)

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