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Aerobie Epic

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MSRP: $12.99

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95

SKU: 369
Ultra Long Range Drivers

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Regular Price: $11.95

Special Price: $10.95


On tour, the Epic has been best known for it`s signature overhand pancake two-finger or thumber shot that is essentially thrown like a baseball, very high, so that it does a full 360 degree barrel-roll, finishing upright and flying just like a normal shot. A truly amazing shot that travels over 400 feet in order to complete the maneuver. If you`ve got the power to do a very high overhand shot, you should try this.

From the inventor, Dr. Alan Adler:

The revolutionary, patented epicyclic design of the Aerobie Epic golf disc gives the disc the largest average rim width to reduce drag and produce amazingly long drives. The Epic disc is designed to be adjusted to each individual's throwing style and speed. Properly adjusted or tuned, you will throw it farther than any other disc. A card with tuning instructions comes with each disc. Weight: 166-169 grams. Available in purple, orange, blue, and yellow. Quality made in the U.S.A.

We have one word of caution. You will almost certainly not like your first few throws with an Epic driver. Driving the Epic is like driving a Ferrari. It requires skill, concentration, and experience. If you take the time to test throw and adjust or tune the disc to your throwing speed and style, you will learn to capitalize on the Epic’s patented aerodynamic advantages and make the Epic your farthest flying disc. If you quit after a few throws, you may hate the Epic and wonder what all the excitement is about.

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Manufacturer Aerobie

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Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Well some people will love this disc other people will hate it. I personally love it. I dont recommend doing anything but a Hammer (tommohawk, overhand) throw with this disc and definitely definitely search out You Tube on how to throw. I have discovered that for a right hander the way I got it to fully barrel roll and glide was to give it heaps of bend by holding the disc with the top facing away from you and bending the disc towards you. If it isnt working for you WATCH MORE YOU TUBE!!!! I almost gave up on this disc until i found the thumb grip and the overbend was better. (Posted on 2/25/14)
GET OVER THERE!! Review by BobbyBearprints
Product Rating
If I'm stuck behind a tall bush or tree and I still need distance the Epic comes out of my bag. Its some peoples Tomahawk, others backhand, a lot of people i know forehand it. But i used it as my go to thumber. It will turn sideways then upside down then fly correctly once again like you were throwing it regular. (Posted on 2/24/14)
Amazing Driver Review by Bob
Product Rating
The Epic is an amazing driver once you get the hang of it. If thrown right, the Epic will start vertical and then do a barrel roll and soar straight. When throwing overhand, you should throw this disc higher to give the disc more of a chance to glide after flipping over. Depending on the angle, it may glide straight or veer off to the left. It also tends to land flat so there is usually not much rolling involved after it hits the ground. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Kyle Dalrymple Review by Kyle Dalrymple
Product Rating
This disc is very inconsistent when used to back hand. However, it can perform very well when thrown overhand. Definitely not a disc for beginners. (Posted on 10/27/12)
Kevin DiVerde Review by Kevin DiVerde
Product Rating
One of the best, albeit most unorthodox overhand discs out there. It will fly faster and glide farther than most other distance drivers out there when thumbed or tomahawked. It completes the 360 barrel roll and flattens so that it keeps gliding at the end of its flight. Takes some practice, of course. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Chris Lippert Review by Chris Lippert
Product Rating
This disc shouldn't be PDGA approved. Yes you can throw a 350-400 ft thumber with it, but if you take this disc with you to any serious competition you will be mocked for it. (Posted on 9/12/12)
Scott Jordan Review by Scott Jordan
Product Rating
This is the best disc in my bag! Throwing at the thin side is always a predictable bend to the left. Same predictability for forehand shots to the right. Holding from the thick side it is one of my FARTHEST driving discs. Now, I admit I hated it when I first got it and it took me a while to figure it out. But WOW, I recommend it HIGHLY!!!! (Posted on 5/8/12)
Austin Pelzman Review by Austin Pelzman
Product Rating
this is a great disc. i lobe using it for a hammer throw. i recommend it (Posted on 3/23/12)
Will McIntyre Review by Will McIntyre
Product Rating
this is a great disc. i lobe using it for a hammer throw. i recommend it (Posted on 3/23/11)
jonathan devlin Review by jonathan devlin
Product Rating
This disc is a game changer! I only throw this disc overhand, but it can do it all, short approaches to bombing drives. Changing the angle of release affects how far it goes. 45 degree release thrown hard this disc will easily hit the 400 foot mark. Thrown high to get over obstables it will drop straight down where you need it to. I carry at least three in my bag at all times in various stages of wear. I highly suggest buying one and practicing in a field with it; you wont regret it! (Posted on 3/21/11)
Justin Rodman Review by Justin Rodman
Product Rating
bad disc (Posted on 3/21/11)
jake hoertt Review by jake hoertt
Product Rating
crapy disc. The description is lies I practiced with it a ton and the farthest it went for me is maybe 250'. Not worth the money, i know a few people that love it but personally i dont like it. (Posted on 3/7/11)
Matthew Pierson Review by Matthew Pierson
Product Rating
The strangest disc you will ever find. Only way to throw is over the top. Great disc for a disc golfer that had a lot of baseball experince. Your throwing the disc same way as a baseball player throws a baseball. I carry one because sometimes your in that situation were the only route is over the top. Good situational disc for me and great driver for those former baseball players. (Posted on 9/29/10)
andrew glenn Review by andrew glenn
Product Rating
In response to a review regarding the Aerobie Epic, I would have to say that is does perform quite well as an overhand disc. A friend of fine is extremely accurate with this disc off the tee and as an approach. I think that one of the keys to mastering the Epic is learning to vary the pressure your fingertips apply to the rim of the disc in the same manner that you would vary your arm speed when teeing off. The Epic is a fine disc, and for the benefit of my friend, it has been "grandfathered" in by the PDGA. I would recommend trying one out and experimenting with many different overhand and forehand applications. It is probably not for everyone (including myself), but it has many benefits. (Posted on 9/6/10)
Michael Myers Review by Michael Myers
Product Rating
I've never had success with this disc. I throw a pulse overhand anywhere between 325' and 360' so I thought this would greatly improve my game. I'll be honest that I had a terrible experience with this disc and I left it in the woods for somebody else to give it a go. Never got the hang of this disc. When I threw it, the disc did an extremely quick barrel roll and plummeted to the ground. I read all the threads about the love/hate relationship that players have with this disc and how to throw it; I didn't have success with this disc. On the other hand, I've heard of many players that have had success with this disc. Basically, I'd say that all these players can't be wrong, but it seems like you have to be patient with yourself. I gave up on this disc because it didn't work well for me, but it could for you. I'd rather invest in the pulse. (Posted on 8/13/10)
Scott Cameron Review by Scott Cameron
Product Rating
I'm not even exaggerating when I say that this is the furthest throwing disc now in my bag... I just got this disc today. It looks like just a novelty or cheap disc, but I threw it today for consecutive 500' or greater backhands... I know that lots of players throw that, but my normal rhbh throws only go about 350-400'... And then i bent the disc's core upward and tried a hammer or t-hawk throw and OH MY... Never expected to see such a flight. It did a full turn and then glided for I KNOW over 200 yards. I play a lot of golf and am a fare judge of distance. I've never seen anyone throw a disc as far as this disc flies Tomahawk style. It's really amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who throws a 250' or greater hammer. This disc is not for forearm throwers, though. Didnt do anything much besides flip over and aggrevate you. HIGHLY PRAISE THIS DISC! (Posted on 5/24/08)

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